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Updated Thursday, January 03, 2019

Lentils Price   Comment
Laird #1 22.5c c / lb picked up
Laird #2 21c c / lb HAPPY NEW YEAR
Laird Extra 3 no bid c / lb
Laird #3 no bid c / lb
Eston #1 19c c / lb 18c for 2017crop
Eston #2 17c c / lb
Eston Extra #3 no bid c / lb
Eston #3 no bid c / lb
French Green #1 20c c / lb slow
French Green #2 19c c / lb
French Green Extra 3 no bid c / lb
French Green #3 no bid c / lb
RED #2 or Better 18c c / lb some movement
RED X3 No Bid c / lb
Richlea No Bid c / lb v v v
Beluga call for spot price c / lb
Canary Seed Price   Comment
Prime Export Canary 23c c / lb ^up
PEAS and FLAX Brown Price   Comment
Green 2orBetter no bid $ / bus v arrow indicatesdownpressure
Yellow 2orBetter no bid $ / bus
Chickpeas no bid $ / bus
Flax,Brown $ 13.00 bu $ / bus demand from Europe
SPRING WHEAT 14% protein Price   Comment
Spelt, ?? Bu
Amber Durum,,,net grower no bid Bu

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